A team of consultants and creatives using the power of communication to help organizations make a difference in the well-being and performance of their people.

Engaging people.

Inspiring trust.

Driving action.

A team of consultants and creatives using the power of communication to help organizations make a difference in the well-being and performance of their people.

HDHP/HSA enrollment and wellness participation

  • Overcame significant employee resistance to single-option HDHP
  • 97.5% participated in biometric screening
  • 82% contributed to HSA (up 10% from previous year)
  • 53% used decision-making website (Castlight)
  • 64% engaged in walking program (Sonic Boom)

well-being engagement

  • Engaged executive team as champions
  • Produced multi-channel testimonials and tips
  • Boosted awareness and action using social media and mobile

paperless transformation

  • Helped launch key initiative to improve collaboration, efficiency, and sustainability
  • Developed messaging and interactive learning to help employees change habits and use new tools
  • 66% said “Highly useful in aiding my paperless transition”
  • 82% said “Confident with skills/knowledge to work paperless”


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“Aspirational and practical solutions in a world where we are constantly balancing what we want to achieve with the resources we have available.”

Jerilan | Global Chief Communications Officer | Yum! Brands, Inc.

“Helped me learn to intentionally think about key messages up front. There’s power in the entire leadership team saying the same things; that builds alignment. It’s a game changer.”

Andrea | Director of Talent Management | Harley-Davidson

“Very effective at developing strategies that achieve the business objectives, as well as leading a project team to implement world-class communication solutions.”

Tom | VP, Global Talent Management | Owens Corning

“Skilled strategist as well as a brilliant writer, creative thinker and tactician. If you get the opportunity to work with her, you are in for a total treat.”

Robert | Communications Manager | 3M

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